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:bulletblue:21 years old:bulletblue:
:bulletblue:I’m a chick:bulletblue:
:bulletblue:Taken 5 evur:bulletblue:

♏ 猴

:bulletgreen:Cheetahs are my favorite animals:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen:Hyenas and wolves are next on the list:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen:Dobermans are my favorite dog breed, but I love pretty much all big dogs:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen:Red is my favorite color. After that, it’s blue, green, and orange:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen:Gummies, rare-steak, apples, and sushi are my favorite foods:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen:I'm in love with sandwiches:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen:Dinosaurs are badass:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen:I’m a fan of supernatural and paranormal shit:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen:Huuuuuuuge fan of werewolves, zombies, dragons, and pirates. And EXPLOSIONS!:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen:Love rain, snow, and cold winds:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen:My friends and my siblings are my everything:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen:Plaid and stripes~:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen:patterns amuse me:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen:I love music. Mostly stuff from the 70s-90s, but I’ll listen to anything and everything:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen:I like butts. I like every kind of butt. I just want to grab all a’ them…:bulletgreen:

:bulletred:Sheep scare the shit outta me…:bulletred:
:bulletred:People who talk out their ass annoy me:bulletred:
:bulletred:I can’t stand boredom. It pisses me off:bulletred:

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow:I’m usually pretty easy to get along with :bulletyellow: I don’t judge someone until I know them :bulletyellow: It takes a lot to get on my bad side…but once you’re there, it’s not likely you’ll ever get back on my good side :bulletyellow: I like being around people, but I’m not entirely trusting :bulletyellow: I don’t have many secrets…and when I do have something I don’t want getting out, I simply don’t talk about it :bulletyellow: I’m blunt, and I call ‘em as I see ‘em, like it or not :bulletyellow: I’ll do what I want, I’ll say what I feel, I’ll dress how I like, I’ll act how I see fit, I’ll post what I feel like….and if you think I’m trying to impress you, or really anybody for that matter, you are sadly mistaken :bulletyellow: I need space, but I don’t want to be alone :bulletyellow: I get emotionally attached very easily :bulletyellow: My loyalty is my greatest strength :bulletyellow: My loyalty is also my greatest weakness :bulletyellow: I tend to act pretty weird on a regular basis. The level of weirdness and goof-ball antics are higher when I've had sugar, I'm bored, or I'm tired :bulletyellow::bulletyellow:

:bulletblack:Art Status:bulletblack:
:bulletred:Trades are closed:bulletred:
:bulletred:Point Commissions are closed:bulletred:
:bulletred:Requests are closed:bulletred:
:bulletred:Collabs are closed:bulletred:


:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:Mah DA Buddies:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
:iconvvreikovv: :iconkittencrazy: :iconskywashere:

It's gonna be a bit before I post stuff. Without internet, or my own computer...or scanner....any of my old stuff...
Having just moved from Florida to South Dakota...

Using library computers to do internet stuff.
Woop it's been an adventure That I may...or may not share later. I don't know :P whatever

Ok yes thank you and stuff~

~ Cathleen

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